Speech therapy can include a wide variety of areas. It can help improve your talking, listening, reading and writing. If you have difficulty in any of these areas, your ability to communicate will suffer. Read below to find out how speech therapy can help improve your communication skills.



We can communicate our thoughts through talking. Talking requires clear articulation, finding the right words, keeping track of and organizing thoughts. Feeling stressed, speaking a different language, developmental disorders and acquired neurological disorders are some examples of situations that may lead to difficulty talking. A speech-language pathologist can help you improve your skills through exercises, strategies and coaching.


In order to understand what is said, we need to know the words, remember the words and understand how the words all fit together. This can be difficult for many reasons such as if someone talks quickly, if there is background noise or distractions or if multiple people are talking at the same time. Learning difficulties or neurological impairments could make this even harder. A speech-language pathologist can help improve your understanding abilities through exercises, strategies and coaching.




From typing emails and texts to writing greeting cards and filling out forms, writing, printing or typing out your thoughts can be difficult. Written expression is another way to communicate your thoughts. Whether you want to learn the skills in childhood, enhance your skills in the workforce or recover the ability if lost, a speech-language pathologist can help determine the nature of your difficulties. You can then learn exercises and strategies and receive coaching to get better at writing or typing out your thoughts


Do you have trouble decoding words, knowing the meaning of the words, knowing how the words fit together, remembering what you read or something else? There are many steps in the complicated process of understanding what you read. Speech-language pathologists can identify the specific problem and help you learn or re-learn the skills needed to read your books, newspapers, flyers or social media posts

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Group Therapy

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