NeurOptimal® brain training works to optimize your brain’s electrical activity so you can function to your fullest potential

No matter where your lifestyle takes you—from athletes to executives to students, performers or artists, no matter the age– an optimal mindset helps you to be your best.

Our brain cells communicate by electrical activity. The patterns change depending on what we are thinking, doing or feeling. Due to the stressors in our lives, sometimes the electrical activity gets stuck in patterns that are not helpful. For example, it may be hard to relax because we feel wired. Or perhaps we keep repeating unhealthy habits. Maybe we find ourselves worrying a lot. Our thinking may seem foggy. These patterns can get in the way of us functioning at our best.

However, your brain has the ability to make healthy changes. By receiving information about what the electrical activity is doing, the brain can learn how to shift into patterns that are most suitable to you.

NeurOptimal® acts like a mirror so your brain can see what it is doing and make changes that is best for you.

A NeurOptimal® Session

  • Sensors with conductive paste are placed on your head and ears
  • You listen to beautiful, relaxing music
  • You can watch beautiful designs on the screen
  • The sensors measure your brain’s electrical activity on your scalp
  • The information will be transferred into the NeurOptimal® software program
  • Every time your brain is about to make a shift, the software program will alert your brain via interruptions in the music; your brain will then decide if it wants to keep going or change
  • The program runs for 33 minutes
  • Just sit back, relax and enjoy
  • With each progressive session, your brain will gradually learn a little bit more about itself